Before the holiday season truly sets in throughout the next few months, it is the perfect time of year to prepare your home for the fall. A fall cleaning and routine to help you stay organized can help you to transition smoothly into the cozier, winter months. We have pulled together some tips and tricks on how you can clean and organize your home for the fall season, as well as cultivate a warm and inviting atmosphere for yourself and your guests that welcomes the change of seasons.

Check out how to get organized for the fall season below!

Tips on Getting Organized for the Fall Season

1 – Declutter your home and donate, if you can.

Take some time to do a full decluttering of your home, going room by room, and putting aside items that you will be able to donate. During this process, get your cabinets and drawers organized, as well as your closets specifically, and assess what you do and do not need. A good way to go about decluttering is recognizing whether you have used the item in the past year, and if not, it is time to let it go!

2 – Do a deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning does not have to be tedious task and will feel extremely rewarding once it is done! A deep clean is essential for your home before you truly get each room organized and prepared for the holiday season ahead. When you are deep cleaning, focus on cleaning your windows, dusting all surfaces, including shelves, frames, and lights, as well as vacuuming carpets, mopping hard floors, and considering having any rugs professionally cleaned.

The deep cleaning will take the most time in your kitchen as well as bathrooms. In your kitchen, you should spend time cleaning out the fridge and pantry, wiping down all your shelves, and organizing your condiments and spices. In your bathrooms, scrub any grout as well as your tiles, your showerheads, and toss any toiletries that are expired or that you no longer need.

3 – Get your seasonal décor organized and switched out for the holidays.

If you are someone who has décor out for the summer season, organize it as you are putting it away and preparing your décor for the upcoming season. It is time to bring out all your fall décor, including your warm blankets, cozy pillows, and any décor for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Your summer décor should be organized in labeled boxes so that it is easier to locate when the warmer months return. Your future self will thank you!

4 – Swap out the clothes in your closet.

Another important task is to swap out your closets – put away all your spring and summer clothes in an organized fashion to make room for your warmer clothes, including sweaters, coats, and jackets, as well as boots. During this time, it is also good to check on what you may need for the upcoming season, especially if you are finding that you have to get rid of anything.

5 – Check your insulation and heating system.

Before the weather gets too chilly, take some time to inspect your heating system and ensure that it is working properly. As you are checking out your heating system, check for drafts in your home and seal any gaps with weather stripping. Not only will this help to keep you and your family warm during the colder months but will also help to lower your utility bills!

6 – Do a safety check.

Do not forget to perform a safety check. Through this process, replace batteries in smoke detectors throughout the home as well as the carbon monoxide detectors. Also, make sure that your fire extinguisher is easily accessible and up to date.