Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom, especially when you spend a long time cleaning it, and it doesn’t even look different after you’ve finished. Below are some tips and tricks for cleaning your bathroom that just might make all the difference.

Wipe Away Those Water Spots

Do you hate water spots? While water sports are unavoidable, one tip to combat them on chrome bathroom fixtures is to wipe down the surfaces with lemon. This is a cheap and easy fix. Not only does it help you clean the fixtures instantly, but it also serves as an air freshener for the time being. How convenient is that?

Use the Dishwasher

It sounds weird to talk about the dishwasher when you are referring to bathroom cleaning tips, right? However, there is a tip that involves both. There is nothing worse than putting your toothbrush back into a gross and grimy toothbrush holder. The best way to fix this problem is to take the toothbrush holder and throw it in with your next load of dishes. Make it a habit to add your toothbrush holder to your dishwasher to continuously keep germs away.

Get Out Your Nail Polish

When metal comes into contact with water, it often starts to rust. In order to save your time later, here is a tip to help prevent rust from ever occurring in the first place. Take a bottle of clear nail polish and paint a few coats on any metal areas that you think may be subject to rust.

Do You Drink Tea?

Start boiling that water! Take a few bags of black tea and throw them in boiling water. Let it sit and cool, then use the tea to make your mirror spotless. Black tea contains tannic acid, which will get rid of water stains and dissolve any dust, dirt, and other debris left on your mirror.

What Happens If These Tips Still Don’t Make A Difference?

While all these tips and tricks can be helpful to clean your bathroom, they might not be the answer to your specific cleaning problem. As much as one can keep up with a clean bathroom, sometimes it is just time to admit defeat. If you’ve been ignoring the problem for far too long, start considering the signs that it is time to remodel and upgrade, as this might be the next best step.

If you can’t afford a remodel or want to wait as long as possible to take that next step, try these tips and tricks for cleaning your bathroom. You won’t be disappointed, and you might finally be able to see yourself in your mirror!