Whether you’re moving into a new home or need a change of scenery, renovating your home is a wonderfully fun experience—but it’s also a highly challenging one. Before you get started, look at the following list of things to consider before a home renovation.

What Needs Updating?

The first thing you should think about is which parts of your home need renovation. This includes small things like repainting a room or something major like installing a metal roof. You should spend some time in your home and dive deep to see what you can and should fix. Keep a list so that you can budget and keep track of everything you want to do.

Plan Ahead and Be Patient

You will have to prepare yourself for the long wait your remodeling may entail, so be patient and don’t frustrate yourself by setting unrealistic expectations. You might believe that renovating a bathroom will take only a day or two. Removing light fixtures from the previous bathroom can take a couple of hours but tracking down new fixtures you like is more time-consuming. You may not receive them for a couple of weeks. If you’re expecting to use your new bathroom within a week, don’t hold your breath, as the waiting period could extend to six weeks. If you’d rather avoid these long waits, plan your remodeling in advance and estimate the amount of time required to accomplish your plan. Also, you can select new furnishings before having the old ones removed.

Explore Your Options

An important thing to consider before a home renovation is getting in touch with multiple contractors. If you’ve ever had to hire someone to come to your home to fix something, you know that they can hit you with unexpected fees and extra problems they can fix for you. While this is not always a nefarious money-grabbing scheme, it is beneficial to do your research and find out whom to trust to do this work. You can end up saving money and time and getting higher-quality work if you explore your options.