One of the first rules of interior design is that a room ought to have a focal point—a single point that draws the attention of the viewer. This helps the room’s design appear balanced.

If your room has a fireplace in it, it almost always draws the eye, making it a great candidate for a focal point. And since people will inevitably be looking at it, you want your fireplace to look its best. Our tips for designing a stunning fireplace will help you accomplish this.

Add a Coat of Paint

When we think of a fireplace, we tend to imagine classic, tawny-colored brickwork. While exposed brickwork is a great look, it isn’t your only option when it comes to ways to design your fireplace. Adding a coat of paint is a great way to refresh a fireplace’s look if it’s old and crumbling.

Contrast the Walls

If you would rather not change the color of the fireplace itself, you can also draw attention to it by redesigning the wall around it. You can paint the walls around the fireplace a contrasting color to make the fireplace stand out. Another fun option is to put up wallpaper around the fireplace to make the whole thing an accent wall.

Surround It With Art

Along the lines of making the fireplace stand out by changing its surroundings, you might consider hanging something eye-catching over your fireplace, such as:

  • A painting
  • A mirror
  • A tapestry
  • A decorative clock
  • A wreath
  • Framed photographs

Additionally, the mantle also serves as the perfect place to display decorative pieces such as paintings, statuettes, or plants.

Repurpose It

Many of us are in the unfortunate position of having fireplaces that can’t house fires. While this can be disappointing in the winter, it opens a plethora of other decorative options for your empty firebox. For example, you can:

  • Paint the interior of the firebox
  • Put a house plant in it
  • Fit the space with shelves
  • Cover it with a decorative screen
  • Place a candleholder in it
  • Store books in it
  • Display a decorative piece in it, like a statue

You can also choose to place a bundle of logs in the fireplace if you want to nod to your fireplace’s cozy roots.