Fair or not, one thing people who visit your home will judge you on is the state of your spare bathroom. If the thought of friends and family members seeing your extra bathroom causes anxiety, it may be time to consider updating the space. A bathroom renovation doesn’t have to break the bank—here are some inexpensive upgrade ideas for your spare bathroom.

Repair Past Damage

You always want to repair any damage to your home as soon as possible. This is especially true in the bathroom, where moisture can lead to mold if you don’t fix it. Areas to look for include leaking pipes, cracked bathtub tiles, and peeling caulk. You need to repair all of these, or you could experience permanent structural damage.

Looking into a Mirror

In many cases, the spare bathroom ends up a storage space for all your extra bathroom supplies. With enough clutter, the room can start to feel a bit cramped. This is where a new mirror could make all the difference. Mirrors are great at brightening up rooms and giving the appearance of more available space.

Install New Fixtures

There are many new fixtures you can install in a bathroom that will add value and character to the room. Start by considering the racks where you hang your towels and other bathroom necessities. Replacing old light fixtures, towel racks, and even the toilet paper holder can improve the appearance of the room. If the bathroom has a shower or bathtub, replacing the fittings and shower-head also belong at the top of the list of upgrade ideas for your spare bathroom.

Light Up the Room

Finally, if the toilet is more reminiscent of a dungeon than a throne, additional lighting could be just the thing the bathroom needs. Well-lit rooms are more welcoming and inviting. It isn’t that people will want to start hanging out around your shower anytime soon, but at least they won’t actively avoid the room. And if you’re looking to take it a step further, a fresh coat of brightly colored paint can be just the thing to really tie the room together.