She-sheds, the feminine answer to the man-cave, have become popular over the last few years. As the name would suggest, these little nooks are usually shed-sized, standalone buildings tucked away in the backyard where the lady of the house can retreat for some much needed “me time.” If you’re thinking about you need a little taste of solitude, these decorating tips for the ultimate she-shed are for you.

Pick a Theme

She-sheds can range from simplistic to extravagant, but more than anything, they’re built to express the personality of their owner. You may consider a rustic, country cottage look with antique furniture, natural lighting, and a neutral color palette. You can create a diva nook with fuzzy furniture, bedazzled light fixtures, and pastels incorporated into the space. Even capture your favorite retro time periods with vintage-inspired wallpaper, flooring, and furniture. After all, few other people see the space, so you might as well let your imagination run wild.

Form and Function

As much as the she-shed is all about expressing yourself, you also want to make sure that the space serves your needs. If you are using the space as an artistic getaway, make sure there is storage available for your supplies. In the case that it is being used as a reading or writing space, make room for a desk. If you want a place where you can entertain, consider whether you’ll need to hook up wiring to plug in a mini fridge for snacks and drinks. You’ll need to get creative with how you go about this because the space is limited.

Incorporate Nature

Most people focus on relaxation when decorating their perfect she-shed. One of the best ways to relax is by bringing in a little nature. The presence of plants and sunlight has long been associated with calming, mood-boosting effects. Even when brought into a sterile place like an office building.

Since the she-shed is outside, use natural lighting to your advantage for how you set up the windows. You may even consider creating a skylight or clear ceiling. Even if your aesthetic doesn’t lend itself to potted plants, you can always consider dolling up the garden around the building so the soothing scent of fresh flowers is always nearby.