Themes are a great way to give your home an exciting new look; they set the tone of the space and transport guests in your home to exquisite locations. But it can be hard to pick a theme out of the hundreds available—and even harder to pull the theme off. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy interior design themes that you can use flawlessly in your home. Since we’ve already discussed how to accomplish a coastal theme, we’ll break down how to pull off a few other styles.

Country Roads, Take Me Home

Rolling country hills, farmers markets, and barn raisings—the farmhouse look has a way of capturing all the charm of the farm and making your guests feel right at home. To capture the farmhouse style, focus on neutral colors and a combination of newer and vintage-inspired furniture. Add in touches of texture, like wood furniture, crocheted blankets, and little splashes of gingham. Then, tie it all together with some country-inspired accessories like milk canisters, an antique trunk, some country crockery, or a vintage farm stand sign.

Into the Woods

The rustic is a cousin of sorts to the country look, as it takes your guests from the farm out to a tranquil cabin in the woods. Wood is the foundation of the rustic style, so find ways to bring out the beauty of your wood flooring and furniture. Cleaning wood off and picking out a wood stain are great ways of doing this. You can complement your wood base with stone features, such as a stone fireplace, and with textures like plaid and leather. Animals and plant accents like antlers and tall potted plants will complete the look.

The Modern World

From the country, we come back to the sleek and chic world of the big city. The modernist look focuses on clean lines and an open plan without any gaudy fills. Start with grey, white, and black walls, and go for streamline furniture with an emphasis on geometric shapes. Then, incorporate a few bold accent pieces like a brightly colored piece of modern art to draw the eye.

La Vie Bohème

The world of the bohemian look is the world of an artist: colorful, creative, and warm. In the spirit of artistry, the look is more about expression than hard and fast rules. Use bright jewel tones and exciting patterns through colorful rugs and wall art. Find bold and quirky accent pieces like fuzzy throws, out-there statues, and maybe an interesting lighting piece. The nice thing about the bohemian look is that it’s open to interpretation.

Transforming your home doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little creativity and some easy interior design themes, a visit to your home can be a trip to another world.