As we begin to experience a wind down on the pandemic and PTO balances build, many people want to take some much-needed time off. For most, this will be the first vacation or trip in almost two years. Many emotions stir up, from excitement to chaos. Here’s a small list of things to consider when planning a vacation to help you get on the right path before you go.

Your Budget

Without overthinking or overspending, you must think about your budget before you head out. Is your budget smaller than before, or is it larger? Only you know the answer to that question. Remember to prioritize your monthly expenses so that you don’t experience a financial setback.

Reflect on all your hard work since your last getaway and account for all the money you stashed. Consider several things in your budget, including:

  • Total travel expenses
  • Souvenirs
  • Attractions
  • Meals

The Weather

Weigh out the weather in your home environment and compare it to the climate you would like to experience while vacationing. For instance, if you’re in the Midwest, maybe going west or south will suit you best. If you’re already on the West Coast, cooling off in eastern regions may sound delightful. Whatever your preference is, be mindful of the destination’s climate at the time of year you go.

Your Mode of Transportation

The way you travel to your destination might be one of the biggest things to consider when planning a vacation. Now, more than ever, travelers all around the globe are mindful of their modes of transportation. If you’re going a longer distance, air travel may suit you best. But if you think you can handle a long road trip in your Jeep, minivan, or sedan, by all means, go ahead.

The Destination Activities

For vacationers with young ones, planning a schedule with attractions and kid-friendly activities is necessary. However, you can still give yourself parental permission to find adult-friendly activities, as well. You work hard for a few days off, so don’t forget about yourself. A variety of activities you should consider are:

  • Museum visits
  • Trips to water or theme parks
  • Shopping sessions
  • Days at outdoor attractions

Always remember that a vacation is a time to relax, recoup, and enjoy life. It’s okay if that looks like a two-hour journey to a family member’s lake house or a cross-country road trip to the desert. Plan the vacation that best suits you and your family’s desires.