Vacations are a great way to remove yourself from the daily stress in your life and sit back and relax! They are also a great opportunity for you to experience and try new things that you would never have the chance to at home. For most, this includes trying new foods and drinks at gorgeous, scenic restaurants! While experiencing all these restaurants can be fun, it can also make it tough to stay healthy on vacation.

When you’re traveling, you should absolutely not restrict yourself from experiencing great food and drink, however, we have pulled together some small ways that you can stay healthy on vacation to avoid overindulging.


Bring your own snacks.

One great way to stay healthy is to bring some of your own snacks. One of my favorite snacks to bring on a longer trip is protein bars, which are equally filling as they are healthy. This is a great way to hold you over until your next full meal of the day, especially if you are finding yourself walking a lot. Some other great snacks to bring can include dried or fresh fruit, peanut butter, string cheese, nuts, or single-serving containers of hummus or guacamole!

Avoid the mini bar in your hotel.

This one is always tough. Many hotels offer fully stacked mini bars right in the convenience of your own room, which can include all your favorite beverages, wines, candies, and snacks. Try your best to avoid accessing these, or if you do, only pick out a few items instead of consuming the entire mini bar (which, trust me, can be easy to do!)

Always have breakfast.

You know what they say – breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day! If you are on vacation, you should not skip out on breakfast. Not only are breakfast foods the best, but it is a great way to fill you up before you have a day full of adventure. There are many different types of healthy breakfasts you can have that still taste amazing – whether you are in the mood for sweet or savory!

Splurge on a meal once a day.

Chances are that during your vacation you will have a lot of activities planned, so you may only have time for one larger sit-down meal, which for most, will fall around dinner time. Use this meal as your time to splurge each day and order whatever catches your eye. Remember, you don’t have to restrict yourself from trying awesome foods and fully enjoying yourself to stay healthy on vacation.

Walk as much as you can.

A great way to offset all you are eating and drinking on vacation is to walk as much as you can. If you are going a short distance, opt to take the scenic route ad walk instead of ordering an Uber or a taxi. Not only is this great exercise, but walking is also a great way to sight-see on vacation, so you are benefitting all around! Make sure that you pack comfortable shoes to walk in so that you are not injuring yourself and are comfortable throughout the day.

Stay hydrated.

Lastly, it is key that you make sure you stay hydrated throughout the whole duration of your trip. Make sure that you are drinking an ample amount of water and that you always have a water bottle with you so that you do not get dehydrated. This is especially important if you are traveling somewhere where the weather is warmer or where you know you will spend a large majority of the days in the sun.