If you are a pancake or waffle lover, then you are all about finding the absolute best syrup to compliment your breakfast. Maple syrup is a delicious topping that many look forward to during a cozy breakfast in or while they are dining out. If you knew that you had a sugar maple tree in your own yard, would you take full advantage by making your very own syrup?! What if you found out that tapping a maple tree and making your own syrup is an easy process? Here are the steps to tapping a maple, making your own syrup and enjoying it on your next breakfast: 

Tap the maple tree. First, you must tap the maple tree, especially before the sap begins to run. All you have to do is drill a hole within the tree, generally about a fourth of an inch in diameter and an inch and a half deep. Once the hole is drilled, you will see the sap run, which is a clear, sweet liquid.


Evaporate the sap. This step must be done as soon as possible in order to attain the best quality maple syrup. Grab your best stainless-steel pans and get to work! While the water is evaporating from the sap, you will notice it become thicker and thicker, which simultaneously will caramelize it. Wait until the sap turns golden at about 219 degrees Fahrenheit, and you have your maple syrup!