Do you feel like you’re not getting the most use of your kitchen? Does it feel like you’re running back and forth and fighting against your kitchen to cook? If that describes your kitchen, use these five ways to make your kitchen more functional!

Consolidate Your Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to be as functional as possible, then you’ll need to get rid of the clutter inside your cabinets and drawers. If you’ve had your kitchen for a while, you’ve probably accumulated some utensils or even appliances that you thought you would use but haven’t taken out of storage in months or years.

Go through every drawer and cabinet in your kitchen and separate everything inside between essentials, luxuries, and clutter. Toss out the clutter, store the luxuries out of the way, and put the essentials front and center.

Add a Magic Storage Corner

Do you have an empty corner in your kitchen layout? Turn that into a functional storage space by adding a Lazy Susan, pull-out shelves, or wire shelves on tracks. The corner cabinet is an ideal space for your bulky items and will help make the rest of your kitchen less crowded.

Vertical Wall Storage

If storage is at a premium in your kitchen, go the vertical route. You can hang hooks, rods, and magnets on your walls, below your cabinets, or above your kitchen island for extra storage. This way, they’re still easily accessible without being in the way.

Let There Be Light

It won’t be functional or inviting if your kitchen is dimly or harshly lit. An easy fix for this is layering your kitchen lighting by mixing locations and fixtures. For example, put pendant lights above the kitchen island and recessed lights below the cabinets. Having multiple light sources will make it easier to cook in your kitchen and make it an inviting gathering place in your home.

Use Your Cabinet Doors

There are all kinds of elements you can utilize in your kitchen, like your cabinet doors. Hanging organizer racks on a cabinet door are at useful for storing lids, pans, cutting boards, and anything else you can imagine.

If you follow our ways to make your kitchen more functional, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an organized kitchen that is cozy and easier to use for cooking and entertaining.