Adding a pool to your outdoor space is a great way to increase your home’s value and aesthetics. When selecting the ideal pool for your home, you should consider several important factors, such as cleaning mechanisms, choice of water, size, and shape.

These aspects can affect the aesthetics, cost, and function of your backyard pool. Also, ensure you adhere to your local state rules and regulations on pool fence requirements. Below are five ways to take your pool design to the next level.

Focus on the View

When creating a sleek and minimalist pool design, consider one that exposes your eyes to a gorgeous landscape. A great landscape view will help you relax and enjoy your summer.

Match Your Home’s Decor and Style

Whether you’re renovating an existing swimming pool or starting a project from scratch, make sure the style is consistent with your home’s architectural design. A matching design will play a great role in improving the overall look of your outdoor space. Some of the elements you should consider in this case are color, shape, and size.

Add Waterline Tiles

There are two types of waterline tiles: ceramic and glass. Ceramic tiles have a shallow water absorption rate and are dense. On the other hand, glass tiles are the most stylish trend in the market. Glass tile waterlines play a significant role in preventing a yellow scummy line that forms around the waterline.

Some elements that lead to a yellow scummy line are sunscreen, pollen, and body oils. In addition, waterline tiles prevent buildups around your pool’s edge. If your pool lacks them, the surface around the water will appear unclean and chalky.

Fence It In

There are various pool fencing styles. For instance, you can choose a minimalist fence. On the other hand, you can invest in a classic pool fence, such as a stone wall. Proper fencing will provide extra safety and privacy. In addition, choose a fencing style that suits your budget and wants.

Create an Eye-Catching Passage

An eye-catching pathway will improve the overall look of your pool. A great passage will provide a clear way for people to approach it and can reduce slip and fall accidents.


These are five ways to take your pool design to the next level. There are other tips to consider when designing your pool, such as setting the mood, making it kid-friendly, thinking big, and keeping it angular.