With winter coming and the summer behind us, many people are dreaming about a beach vacation. Transforming your home into a beach house can bring that light and airy vacation feeling into your everyday life. Whether you are looking to remodel or redecorate, transforming your home into a beach house is easy.

Incorporate Beachy Décor

If you have considered how to transform your home into a beach house, incorporating beach theme décor is an easy way to bring that vision to life. Beach décor does not have to include sea creatures and palm trees, either. Materials such as rattan or seagrass are great options to give the room a beachy feel. A wicker basket or chair can add a coastal vibe to a room that you’ve already decorated, keeping the design changes to a minimum. Another simple design change is to swap out pillows or throw blankets for ones with a beachy print or a splash of color.

Incorporate a Splash of Color

The changes you make to your home don’t have to be costly. An easy and cost-efficient way to incorporate a beach theme is to add a splash of color. Blue is an obvious choice for a beach theme since blue is associated with water and the ocean; however, colors such as coral, light green, or yellow can also give you the same feel. Incorporating color can be as simple as adding a colorful rug or chair. Painting a wall is another way to add a splash of color into any room in the house.

Utilize Light Wood and Textiles

Beach houses often have a light interior with light-colored walls and floors. One way to transform your home into a beach house is to replicate that style in your home. If you tend to keep decorating to a minimum, then utilizing light wood or textiles is a great approach. Live sawn hardwood flooring is a perfect option because homeowners have a variety of colors to choose from, including a lighter wood option. Live sawn milling is a century-old European technique that gives the floor a stunning cathedral appearance that accentuates the grain and character variations in the log. Choosing wood with a light finish will ensure a beachy feel in your home. If changing your floors is not an option, incorporating light textiles, such as a white couch or chair, can also do the trick.

Turning your home into a beach house is a fun way to bring the vacation to you. Whether you are looking to do a remodel or simply spruce up your home to cure the winter blues, you have endless possibilities. Not to mention, if the beach theme doesn’t match your current design, you can stay true to your style by incorporating beachy décor or a splash of color. Whatever you choose, the changes you make are sure to cure your winter blues.