No home is complete until something adorns the walls. These can be family photos, posters, decorative hooks, practical items, and art. Every homeowner should invest in at least one quality art piece to act as a focal point in their home. Art adds personality, color, and class to any room. Discover the many different types of art for your home.

Statues and Figurines

One way to incorporate art into your home is through the subtle option of statues and figurines. Statues do not need to be life-sized or hyper-realistic. You can find plenty of abstract or attractive, smaller statues that work perfectly as table centerpieces and accent items.

There are countless places you can set statues or figurines. Be sure to invest in artwork that matches or compliments the color palette in the room. This helps them draw the right amount of attention.

Pro Tip: Consider placing a small-to-medium-sized figurine or statue on a bookshelf. This placement allows for the piece to pop as a unique addition to the labyrinth of novels.

Homemade Art

You can purchase homemade art online, at flea markets, at craft fairs, and more. Local artists create much of this artwork, and they will often customize their work to your tastes and specifications. With homemade art, you can decide the medium and style of the piece.

Pro Tip: Ask friends and family for local art recommendations. There are plenty of local artists you can support while finding a perfect, custom art piece for your home.

Antique Art

Antique art is one of the most valuable and unique things you can add to your home. There are so many beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces. Check out your local antique shop’s inventory and search the web for the right item for your home. An antique art piece adds more than just art, culture, and beauty to your home; it adds a story. Antique art is a piece of history living in your home.

Pro Tip: Antique art takes special care. Learn the right way to care for your antique art so it lasts a long time and stays in great condition.

These are just a few types of art for your home. Explore all your options and be sure to invest in things that reflect the style and personality of your rooms.