The bedroom is the best place for you to relax and unwind—so why not make it the most luxurious and pleasing space that you can? Every year, thousands of people set up their bedrooms with drab and bland color schemes, horribly upholstered furniture, and an assortment of strange benches and desks—all to no avail. Because of this, we decided to compile some of the most prominent types of bedroom designs in the hopes of saving you from another drab and bland living space!

Urban Modern

Urban modernism is best described by its mixture of the industrial, contemporary, and modern design influences that express themselves in the exposed ceilings, block colors, and simple furnishings. All in all, this style best suits someone in a city apartment who is looking to free up some space and look good doing it!


While notably more masculine, the industrial style is best known for its exposed ducts and beams, and its reliance on concrete and exposed brick as a design element in the area. Because this style embraces what others work so hard to cover up, it will always be less expensive than the typical design style. Even so, you’ll have to splurge to make the room use more neutral design materials such as copper and silver.

Mid-Century Modern

This style is similar to urban modern in every way except that it places more emphasis on the abstract art of color and its role in the room. If you are comfortable with sparse yet stunning decorations and contrasting colors, the mid-century style modern may be worth exploring further.


Everybody dreams of living on the beach—and yet fewer still get to experience that dream. Why not make use of the coastal design? This motif makes use of light blues, tans, and whites alongside marine-themed artwork. In all, this allows for a peaceful mood to wash over the entire room and take you to the sandy beaches of your dreams!

While this is not an exhaustive list of bedroom styles, this should give you some ideas on where to begin with your new bedroom design. Always remember that interior design is a fluid art that fully depends on your tastes and preferences. Don’t be afraid to mix the different types of bedroom designs together to create a style that reflects you!