Are you striving to give your home an elegant appearance while enhancing its overall value? If so, choosing and installing the appropriate flooring is the next step. However, with so many flooring options, it can become challenging to determine what suits your home while increasing overall value.

Therefore, never settle for the first flooring option that you find. Instead, compare various options to determine one that suits your and your property’s needs best. That said, let’s delve into the four types of flooring to increase property value.

Solid Hardwood

If you’re keen to reap big from your investment, consider replacing the current flooring with solid hardwood planks. Besides durability and versatility, solid hardwood planks are incredibly appealing to home buyers.

When choosing hardwood floors, it’s important to know what to look for. Hardwood flooring can last for decades with proper care—this is one of its perks. Solid hardwood is comprised of solid lumber milled into the required thickness and width, resulting in appealing and entirely distinct hardwood floor planks.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a better option if you’re not interested in solid hardwood flooring. Like solid hardwood, engineered hardwood floors are composed of the same hardwood. However, the layers of engineered hardwood join through cross-layers of wood veneers.

In addition, engineered hardwood flooring offers the same wow factor as solid wood and is available in various wood species. With plenty of options, you can pick planks that perfectly match your décor, regardless of your space style.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an excellent cost-friendly alternative to solid hardwood and engineered floors. Sometimes, it makes no sense to put your money on hardwood floors in a high-traffic area, making it prudent to settle for laminate flooring in such spaces.

They resemble natural wood in appearance and feel but are much more affordable. Laminate flooring is an effective option for homeowners looking for budget-friendly maintenance flooring. Moreover, it is suitable for houses with pets and kids as it is resistant to stains, scratches, and indentation.

Tile Flooring

Although wood is undoubtedly the most fashionable option, it may not suit your home or preferences. For instance, many homeowners don’t consider wood flooring in warmer and tropical environments due to its vulnerability to warping in the moist air.

Opt for tile flooring over solid hardwood, engineered, or laminate flooring if you live in such areas. It’s a surprising type of flooring to increase property value significantly. Another advantage of tile flooring is that it is available in several options, such as marble, porcelain, stone, etc.

The right flooring will look incredible and increase the value of your property significantly. Do your research and see which one you think would work best.