Decorating one’s home can be a tiresome task, but the payoff is always worth the effort. If you’ve been searching for ways to make the various rooms of your house look season-appropriate but are unsure of how to do so, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you how to add seasonal decor to your home and which parts of the house work best for them. That way, you can make your house look wonderful no matter what time of the year it is.

Even though this list focuses on how to add a theme to each room of your house separately, there are ways to set them up so that you can change them depending on the season, if that’s what you desire. This idea works well, in particular, with the dining room.

The Dining Room

Speaking of which, we’ll start with that. Since the dining room is where you’ll eat most often, we feel like a fall harvest theme is most appropriate here. A cornucopia with various fruits and vegetables inside would be an excellent centerpiece for your table. Setting out red, orange, or yellow placemats is a great way to make any wooden table feel more fall-inspired. Hanging some fake autumn leaves over the picture frames will really add to the aesthetic as well.

The Living Room

The main room of your house is perfect for a springtime theme since it’s the room you probably spend the most time in, and it’s often the first room people see when they walk in. Painting the walls a light yellow will brighten up the space, especially if you let in lots of natural light from your windows. Adding a few plants to take advantage of that sunlight will make it feel even more like spring-like. Any light-colored pillows and blankets you set out will help with that feeling too.

The Bedroom

Summer is one of the best themes for the bedroom. Having bright yellows, reds, and blues flowing through the room will make waking up in the morning effortless. The bedding and pillows are an obvious place to start with these colors. Adding them to the walls and carpets can work too. Hanging up some pictures with sandy beaches and hot summer suns will also help pull the room together. On top of all that, you can set out some scented candles that have classic summer smells. They’re a perfect way to make your room feel like summertime.

The Den

Here’s our last tip on how to add seasonal decor to your home. You may not have a den, specifically, but we think that whichever room has your fireplace should be winter-themed. A warm, raging fire is the perfect thing for those cold winter nights. Plus, come December, this room will be perfect for all your holiday decorations. Setting out warm blankets and soft pillows with dark blues and reds will help make the room feel cozier. Also, anywhere you can put out some fake snow will truly make the room feel like the winter season.