Due to the recent events brought on by COVID-19, many families across the country have found themselves cooped up at home in an effort to self-isolate. After weeks or even months of staying inside and catching up on Netflix shows, even with your wonderful family in your beautiful home, you may be feeling a bit stir-crazy. Don’t worry, not only is that normal, but it’s also easy to fix with these simple, fun, and educational activities for families in self-isolation.

Family Yoga Sessions

Now that you and your family are spending more time inside, it’s important to find ways to stay active throughout the day. Luckily, there’s a workout that your family members of all ages can take part in—yoga. One main benefit of yoga that can help everyone at home is the calming nature of the exercises and its focus on positive mental health. It can also help you improve your body’s flexibility and coordination, which you might need if you’ve been sitting on the couch or at the computer a lot during this self-isolation period.

At-Home Driver’s Ed

If you have kids who are old enough to begin learning about driving, you can teach them some important things without even leaving the house. For instance, you can give the kids a breakdown of the parts of the car—crucial components include the tires and the parts under the hood. You can also explain what each of the dashboard symbols means and go over safe maintenance procedures. It’s essential for all drivers to know this information, so this time at home is the perfect opportunity to educate your kids while you have a nice bonding experience.

Start a Garden

The exterior of your home should be just as warm and welcoming as the interior. One way of doing this is by planting a garden in your yard. Some families may be looking for ways to spend time outside safely, and gardening is the perfect way of doing that without leaving your property. By taking up gardening, you have an excuse to get some fresh air on a nice day, and you and your family can learn something about nature. Additionally, you can even learn how to grow your own food outside, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

With the help of these educational activities for families in self-isolation, you can keep your time at home from feeling repetitive and claustrophobic. Even if yoga and car maintenance aren’t things you’d typically want to do with the family after a long day of work, given current circumstances, they may be a welcome addition to your daily routine.