Your home should act as an extension of your personality. They’re the place where you spend most of your time (especially as of late), and if you don’t feel comfortable and at ease in your space, then that’s a problem. That said, a lot of homes can feel quite cookie-cutter, especially if you’re moving into a pre-designed lot. Luckily, the way you design in the interior and the way you landscape are the ways you can make your cookie-cutter home more unique. The work you put into your home will bring out more of your personality, and it’ll help you feel more at ease. Introduce some of these personality additions, and reach your dream home aspirations!


Splash on Some Paint

This is something you’re sure to do inside the home, but what about the outside? Chances are your home’s exterior could benefit from some additional color. You don’t have to go crazy, but adding color in a way that’s different than the other homes in the neighborhood will help your house stand out a bit more. Here are some options:

  • A colorfully painted door. Blues, reds, and greens are neutral enough colors that will add an element of personality and sophistication.
  • Color up your shutters. If you’re painting the door, use the same color.
  • Pick an interesting garage door. This is pricier, but garage doors tend to have a big effect on curb appeal, so make it something you’re proud of.

Pay Attention to the Landscaping

If your landscaping is bare-bones, do your home a favor and spruce it up. Fix up your walkway and get creative with flowerbeds—you could even try planting a vegetable garden in the front. Landscaping is like interior design: it makes a big impact on the personality of your home. Spend some time focusing on this.


Add Some Accent Walls

As we mentioned, painting the walls is probably your main way of making the interior of your home more unique. Take it up a notch and add some accent walls to the home. This is an excellent way to show guests what atmosphere you want to give to off. Here are some examples of successful accent wall design:

  • A bookshelf wall
  • A stone wall
  • A patterned or wallpapered wall
  • A bold color to complement other neutral walls

Use Texture to Your Advantage

Texture is an excellent way to bring more style and personality to a cookie-cutter home. A lot of these homes tend to lack texture, and you can add style by playing with all the different textures. You can add crown molding, or you can add an accent wall made of stone, brick, or tile. You can add big, textured rugs—think about all your favorite textures, and see if you can use them to elevate the style of the home.

Don’t Forget About the Small Things

Probably one of the most influential ways to make your cookie-cutter home more unique is to remember to do something with the small things. Your home is made up of a lot of minor details—if you can focus on and improve those, then your home’s style will increase. Change out the lighting fixtures and the hardware on the doors and cabinets, and upgrade your window treatments. Small touches go a long way.