When performing any remodeling on your home, there’s always much to consider. One project many homeowners eventually encounter is swapping out their doors. Whether you just want to change out the front-facing features or focus on in-house doors, here’s what to know before buying new doors for your home.

Swing Direction

An excellent way to narrow down your door options from the start is by keeping track of which directions your doors swing; knowing which doors swing outward or inward helps you determine your best options. Of course, a renovation is an excellent opportunity to try doors that swing in a different direction. Still, you want to ensure a door swinging in the opposite direction or from the other side has enough space and won’t lead to any problems after installation.

General Style

One thing to know before buying new doors for your home is the door style that works best for you. Interior doors are a bit simpler since you can focus on ensuring color matches; however, exterior doors—particularly front-facing doors—can significantly affect your home’s curbside appeal. It’s a good idea to compare different styles and colors to determine which one best matches your home. We recommend finding a door style that matches your home’s architecture, meaning you shouldn’t use French-style doors in a Spanish-style house.

Construction Quality

Most doors on the market are not solid pieces of wood—many modern doors contain particle board or other joint pieces of wood held in place with veneer. Taking the time to examine a door’s construction makes it easier to find the style that’s right for you; for example, homeowners in the north may want to find a thicker door that stands up to snowstorms in the winter. Paying attention to the strength and quality of your door helps prevent the need to change them out again sooner rather than later.