Spring is right around the corner, which allows us the perfect time to totally refresh ourselves and our surroundings, reboot, and feel more energized as the weather warms up. After months of being cooped up and experiencing the chilly New England weather, you may be wondering where you should start to get your home refreshed and ready for the new season.

We have compiled some tips on how you can freshen up your home for Spring and prepare yourself for the budding tulips and the chirping birds!   

Open your windows for spring

1 – Let in that fresh air.

When you are beginning to freshen up your home for the Spring season, first thing’s first – open those windows!

As the weather begins to get warmer, take full advantage of the fresh air by opening windows in each room of your home. Not only will the fresh air feel absolutely amazing, but it is also a great way to allow circulation throughout your space to get rid of the recycled air that has been cooped up inside each room.

Even if you are finding that it is still a bit chilly outside, opening the windows in your home will leave you with a super fresh smell and feel – it is totally worth it! 


2- Declutter.

Next, it is time for the true spring cleaning – the decluttering.

Go through each room in your home and get rid of items that you may have accumulated over the winter season that you no longer need or use anymore. As you are decluttering, assess what you should toss, donate, or what you might be able to sell online to make some extra money.

Decluttering is a great task to do as you are putting away any of your winter items as well – if you do not think that you will use it the next winter season, time to toss it!

Also, take the time to go through your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to get rid of any expired items, such as food, makeup, skincare, or any other toiletries.


3 – Do a deep clean.

Once you have fully decluttered, it is time to do a deep clean. And we mean a true deep clean!

Get to vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and all the rest. Be sure to wipe down all your floorboards and moldings, getting a good clean on the windows and doors in your home, and not forgetting about any hard-to-reach spots such as your fans or top shelves that are harder to reach.

Make sure that you are paying extra attention to spots that need to be sanitized more, such as your shower, bathtub, or any of your sinks. 


4 – Switch out your throw pillows. 

Now it is time to decorate!

In addition to putting out any specific Spring décor pieces that you have, make sure that you take some time to switch out your throw pillows to some fun Spring themed ones – whether they have floral designs on them or just add some extra pops of pastel colors.

Any pastel or light fabrics or colors are a great way to make your home feel more Springy. And while you are at it, consider purchasing some matching blankets as well, that can be thrown over your bed or couch! 


5 – Buy yourself flowers. 

Flowers are an absolute must when it comes to décor for Spring. They are truly the finishing touch that every room in your house needs!

Head to your local floral shop and buy yourself some flowers that you can cut and keep out on your kitchen and bathroom counter tops, as well as on any side or coffee tables throughout your house that might need an extra pop of color.