As you prepare your home to host guests and hold dinner parties, it’s important to bring elegance into the room that matters the most: your dining room. If you haven’t updated your dining room to appear more modern and trendier, it’s time to get creative before you begin hosting guests again. You may not have time for a remodel, but you’ll have time for these easy and simple ways to create a classy dining room that are equally effective.

Switch Out the Lighting Fixture

One of the most impressive features of a dining room can also be the feature that shows the house’s age the most if you don’t upgrade it. A dining room lighting fixture sets the mood of the room. Is it romantic? Is it rustic? If it doesn’t impress you anymore, your chandelier might just be “meh.”

Swap the light out for a more modern or elegant fixture and watch the room brighten up with the flick of a switch. It’s okay to pick an antique chandelier—just make sure it grabs the attention of every guest who eats dinner in your home as a talking piece.

Place a New Dining Room Rug

Though your dining room rug is a more subtle decoration, the quality and appearance of it matter. You want the rug to match your dining room’s aesthetic while also providing comfort for guests. Choosing a luxurious rug for your dining room isn’t as hard as it seems—you can pick something simple or a more complex pattern depending on your interior design needs. Don’t blend colors into each other; pick a rug that complements the wall, floor, and dining set for a marvelous, eye-catching addition to the room.

Add a Unique Centerpiece

Every elegant table needs a centerpiece, and if yours is dull, dusty, and outdated, it’s time to get a replacement. Get creative by making your own centerpiece that changes with the seasons, or buy something beautiful—whichever direction you choose, be sure to avoid adding the stereotypical fruit basket to the table.

Choose a table feature that matches your personality, aesthetic, and tableware. Flowers are always a safe bet for a lovely centerpiece. If you’re looking for something even more creative, consider the following:

  • Custom blown glass
  • Personalized metalwork or woodwork
  • A mossy or flowery terrarium
  • A water feature
  • A golden or silver candelabra

Sometimes, all a dining room needs is a small push in the right direction to achieve a charming, stylistic equilibrium. Bring one of these simple ways to the table and shine a spotlight on your eye for luxurious design.