Generally, when one thinks of boating, they automatically assume that boating will take place during the summer season. While the summer is the most popular time to boat for obvious reasons, there is a lot to be said about how great boating is transitioning into the Fall season.

If you choose to keep your boat in the water and go on some day trips during the Fall, you will actually experience several advantages that you will not get during the summer months.

boating during the fall season with friends

If you have not boated during the Fall season in the past but are thinking of giving it a go this year, check out a few reasons why you will not regret it: 

It is calm and quiet.

During the summer, since everyone is out on their boat, it can sometimes get a little loud and chaotic. While this is always fun and a great way to meet people, you may be looking for a more relaxing experience. Since there are less people who are out on their boat during the Fall season, you can expect that it will be a much calmer and quieter experience. You may even find that you may have sandbars and marinas practically all to yourself during this time! 

Leaf peeping – need we say more?

Arguably, the best part about the Fall season in New England is the gorgeous foliage that you can view every day. And, what better way to view stunning foliage than from the comfort of your own boat?! Leaf peeping on a boat is a total game changer and will make the gorgeous colors of the leaves that much brighter and more magical. If you choose to leaf peep on your boat, do not forget to bring your camera! 

You will get a break from the summer heat.

The summer months can be scorching hot, which can make for a pretty hot and humid experience on your boat. During the Fall, you can get a nice break from the summer heat with the cool, crisp air that is totally refreshing and comfortable to be out in. Just remember, as the sun sets you will want to ensure that you are properly prepared with layers of clothing, some sweatshirts, and blankets. 

It is a great time to fish.

If you enjoy fishing, then the Fall season is perfect for you! Fishing during the Fall allows for so many catching opportunities, as the cooling temperatures tend to spark better bites for everything from bass to catfish, and more! This is a great activity to take part in during the Fall season before it gets too chilly out to enjoy one of your favorite hobbies.

The starry skies.

If you did not know, stars appear brighter as the weather cools down – aka, during the Fall season, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the starry skies from your own boat! Pack up some pillows and blankets and get ready for some stargazing. 

Boating overall has so many great health benefits, so extending your boating season into the Fall is not only great for the reasons mentioned above, but also for your health too! Boating is a great way to offer some stress relief and sit back and relax, and what better time to do this than in the quiet waters during the Fall season? Plus, if you are looking to check out some waterfront towns during your boating trip, you can guarantee that there will be less foot traffic and less congestion, allowing you to explore the areas freely and more relaxed.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with taking your boat out on the water as the weather gets cooler. Trust us, you will not regret it!