During the warm summer months, it is a great idea to take a boating vacation, whether it is just for one day, for a long weekend, or for a full week vacation! Boating is one of the most fun and special parts about a New England summer and is a great way to vacation as opposed to staying in a hotel or Airbnb with family and friends. There are so many benefits to taking a boating trip, so if you have not found yourself on a boat yet this summer, now is the time to make the plan before the colder months roll in!

Boating vacation with familyHere are some of the top reasons why you should take a boating vacation with your friends and family before summer ends:


1. Being on the water is peaceful.

First and foremost, what is a better way to relax than on a boat? Being on the water is extremely peaceful and a great way to fully unplug, sit back and relax! While on a boating vacation, you can choose to relax in any way that suits you, whether that is reading a book, listening to your favorite podcast, or just enjoying the scenery. No matter how you choose to relax, you can get that R&R on a boat!

2. Great way to make memories with your family and friends.

Boating is also a great way to make memories with your family and friends. When you are on a boat, there are no distractions, so it is a great opportunity to get that quality time in! Boating vacations are perfect for all families, as there is a boat for every budget, you can keep costs down by bringing your own food, and there are so many things to do!

3. There are boating activities for everyone.

On a boating vacation, there is truly an activity for everyone’s personality. For those who are looking to relax, they can sit back and enjoy the gorgeous views with a book, podcast, or just people watch (we all love it!). For the more adventurous types, boating vacations can include kayaking, skiing, tubing, and so much more. You can also explore fishing and finding shellfish one getting to land.

4. Awesome way for your kids to learn new activities.

If you are going on a boating vacation with younger children, take it as an opportunity to have them learn as much as possible. Boating can teach young kids so many new things, whether it is more information about sea animals, the ocean itself, geometry, and more. This is also a great opportunity to teach your kids about general boating safety in case they are out on a boat with another family or one of their friends in the future.

5. Great way to make friends that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are on a boating vacation on your own boat or someone else’s, these types of vacations are the best way to make new friends! Boating is extremely social, especially when pulling into a marina, so it is an awesome way to meet new people, make new memories, and hopefully find friendships that will last a lifetime! Plus, your boating vacation could even become a tradition in the future with other families that you meet!

Ultimately, a vacation on the water has countless benefits and is the perfect way to spend the summer.

Plus, in New England there are countless absolutely gorgeous and stunning areas that you would not get to experience if you were not on a boat! What is better than quality time with family and friends, beautiful views, and being on the water?! If you’re a first time boater, make sure you read our essential tips.