If you aren’t careful, you might see your property, depending on its location, slip off the radar for travelers seeking out properties near you. Marketing a property is difficult, so we’ve provided you with tips for making your vacation rental stand out.

Know Your Market

Before listing a property, it’s critical to understand the type of market your property is in. Figuring this part out will help offer your guests the right amenities they’re searching for and curate the right match.

First off, learn what sort of landscape your property is on, and if it’s near any desired locations or things to do. You can take it a step further by researching areas near you that are commonly searched for on Google. Use a market analysis to study other properties to see what they offer, and set yours apart by setting good prices at the right time.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

The best part of a successful business is meeting the demands of guests. This isn’t a hotel they’ll seek vacancy at, so they won’t have the opportunity to go to a concierge to form a complaint or request a service. Instead, use a special type of service to handle bookings, and purchase luxury items you know guests will use during their stay.

Ensure every guest feels relaxed by providing them with a welcome basket full of essentials they’ll need for a tranquil stay on your vacation rental property. If you follow these steps for a successful stay, guests will more than likely book your property again.

Communicate With Your Guests

It’s a good sign when your guests know that you can communicate with them for every need. Another one of our great tips for making your vacation rental stand out is to follow the golden rule of giving your guests the best experience possible. Provide every guest with a checklist of everything that you offer. For example, any nearby contacts able to help with any emergencies 24/7 and a visitor’s book where you can record different experiences and advice on what you can improve for future bookings.

Update the Vacation Rental Property

A great way to attract new bookings is to update your home, furniture, and technology. When considering furniture, stick with a budget and go with easy projects that’ll help improve the value of your rental property. For example, painting the walls with a new color palette, and even updating old TVs with Smart TVs that offer different ways for guests to enjoy their stay.

The takeaway is to help your rental vacation property stand out from the rest. You can’t fully make that happen without making changes. After following these tips, bookings from all over will start to pour in.