Water activities belong in the summer. There’s no more fabulous time to take to the sea or the lake than when the sun shines bright. Before you chart the waters, follow these tips to get your boat ready before your summer vacation.

Check for Damages

Some people prefer new boats and others prefer to buy a used one. If you’re new to marine life and aren’t looking for anything too fancy, purchasing a used boat is a great jumping-off point. Buying a used boat saves you money, and you still experience life on the water.

Before completing your purchase, make sure you give the boat a full inspection. The examination will help you negotiate the price and see if anything on the boat is beyond repair. You’ll want to check for any common damages found on used boats before committing to it.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time is spruce up your house and your boat. Any grim or dust your boat has collected during the winter needs removal. Also, you’ll want to replace and test your electronics and give your boat a nice wash and wax.

Remember that cold weather and rubber are enemies, so your fuel lines and tires may have some damage to them. Look for cracks and replace them as necessary.

Charge the Battery

As previously stated, your boat is out of commission in the winter. If you don’t start your boat now and then in the winter, the battery dies. Luckily, all you need to do is charge and install your battery. The battery and engine go hand in hand. Make sure you give it a once-over and change your filters.

Safety First

Safety may be the last thing on this list, but keep it in the forefront of your mind. You will always need to pack the proper safe boating gear before embarking on any expeditions. Run through this checklist before cruising off:

  • One life jacket per boater
  • Fire extinguisher
  • A throw cushion
  • Anchor and line
  • Whistle
  • Flare gun

Consider throwing in a GPS, extra clothes, water, and food in case of an emergency.

Getting your boat ready for summer vacation has never been easier. Follow these tips and get ready to set sail. Bon, voyage!