The backyard can be an extension of your home when viewed as a space for fun and relaxation. As we explore a few ways to make the most of your backyard, keep in mind what activities you wish you and your family spent more time doing, and see if you can use the backyard to make those happen.

A Place for Conversation

When the weather permits, a day or evening of simply hanging outside and talking is a great way to make memories.

If you already have a deck, take the time to check it thoroughly for needed repairs. You’ll want loved ones and guests to be safe while on the deck. For example, people love to lean against the railing on a deck while chatting, so inspect for loose railings and replace them as necessary.

Whether a patio or a deck, offer comfortable furniture that says, “Please sit and visit,” so your guests are clear it is a place to relax and unwind.


Is there anything cozier than a lit-up backyard in the evening, beckoning guests to stay?

Deck, patio, or some chairs in the grass will all be better used with a warm glow at night. Consider LED lights attached to the roofline or vintage-style lightbulbs that hang from a wire, draped from deck to roof.

Even tiki torches give off a warm glow when lit and help keep the bugs at bay.

A Firepit

S’mores and fires are no longer just for camping, thanks to the many available backyard firepit options. When permissible where you live, a pit can be built into the ground.

If not, there are many portable options that are great for a small group and a lot of roasted marshmallows.


One of the most useful ways to make the most of your backyard is to plant a garden. Whether as a hobby or a serious gardener planning to can food for the winter, most any space can welcome a garden.

Even pots on the deck or patio will provide vine-ripened tomatoes in summer. Yum!

Make Use of a Shed

A shed is an extra little building on your property that you can use for things other than the kids’ bikes.

Maybe mom would like a “she shed?” Paint the interior, add some furniture, and voila…a quiet place for mom when she needs solitude and a little wine.

Or dad might like a tool shed. One entire space just for him to organize his tools and be ready at a moment’s notice when repairs are needed.

Make the most of your backyard space, and you’ll start making the most of your entire home.