Now that we are past Labor Day Weekend, the summer season is unfortunately coming to an end. However, with the end of summer comes the beginning of the fall season, which is something that everyone looks forward to each year! With the fall season comes so many fun activities, from painting pumpkins to apple picking to prepping for the holidays. It is also a great opportunity to begin decorating your house with festive, seasonal décor. One of our favorite ways to dress up the home during the fall season is with deliciously scented candles that will create an amazing aroma within your home. Here are some of our favorite candle options for this fall season: 

  • Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather. This candle is definitely a fan favorite for the fall season, as it is a mix of fresh sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus, fresh woods and essential oils, providing a fragrance that will immediately make you think of the leaf-crunching season. 
  • WoodWick Pumpkin Butter. If you are a pumpkin person, this fragrance is definitely for you. WoodWick prides itself on offering a delicious smell that will last for up to 180-hours, and its sweet pumpkin scent is sure to make you crave a pumpkin pie 24/7. 
  • Illume Cider Woods Ceramic Apple. Not only is this candle jar flat out adorable, in the shape of an apple with a chrome cover, the smell of a crisp blend of Anjou pear, apple and oak is sure to resonate with everyone’s favorite memories of fall. 
  • Northern Lights Timber Woods Redwood Forest. For all of the outdoors-y people, this candle is perfect for you. It gives off earthy fragrances that will remind you of fresh cut woods on a crisp fall day, made up of fresh fir needle, lemon with cassis, clove, ginger and amber.