Summertime-related heat dangers are a real threat, and as every year gets hotter with record-breaking heat waves due to global warming, we must be on top of ourselves to maintain our health. It’s also more fashionable to wear sporty and colorful outfits in the summertime instead of the dark and bulky options for the autumn and winter months. Here are a few reasons why less is more when dressing for summer weather to prepare you for the upcoming months.

Evaporation Is Key

When you’re out in town enjoying the summer sun’s heat, make sure that your clothes are loose but not too weighted. This will allow them the best chance of evaporation.

Your body will naturally evaporate the moisture that it emits, and if the fabric is too heavy or thick, then it will attempt to hold on to that moisture, making your clothes damp with sweat. However, if you have light and natural fitting clothing, you will notice that it will move with the wind and keep you more relaxed than most other materials would.

Keep Air Flowing

The amount of air that flows through the fibers of your clothing allows your skin to breathe, which means that as you perspire, your sweat and moisture won’t collect under your clothing. This will keep you cool and dry.

The sweat cools you as the air blows over it, and then as it evaporates, you stay dry, and it cools you further. The lighter the clothing you wear, the cooler you will be. This also applies to buying athletic clothing. And this is why we say that less is more; you want to keep the aeration moving through your clothes.

Go All Natural

If you choose to go with natural, organic materials like silk, bamboo, cotton, or linen, you’ll notice an instant change in how you wear and buy your clothes. With these materials, they are usually on the higher end of retail, but for a good reason. When you invest in organic materials for your clothing, you will notice how well they work.

The most impressive benefit of organic fiber clothing is that they breathe exceptionally well in all climates. Air penetrates organic material exceptionally well; you’ll need this as you dress for the summer months. With these properties, you could wear something like a nice dress shirt and khaki shorts or a cotton top and jeans and be just as comfortable as you would be any time of the year.

So when you’re going out in the heat, make sure you’re thinking light because less is more when dressing for a hot day in the summer. You’ll be thankful you did as you stay cool and comfortable in the warm sunny weather.