When you’ve finally gotten to your new home, and all your stuff is in the house, you might look around and wonder if your new place will ever feel as homey as your last place did. This is a normal feeling when moving somewhere new, as the house doesn’t have the same warm memories or associations that the last one did. In time, this feeling will fade, but there are ways to make it go away faster. Here, we’ll look at how to make your house feel more like home, so you can get back to actually enjoying your new place.

Start By Organizing Early

One thing that definitely makes a home feel less comfortable is when all of your things are scattered around every room. If you’ve just moved in, this is understandable, but you shouldn’t keep it that way for long. Putting everything in its proper place will ease the transition into your new residence, while also relieving the looming threat of unpacking at the same time.

Use Your Kitchen

While it seems much easier to simply eat out every day, if you endeavor to use your kitchen as intended, you’ll find that everything will feel much more familiar before long. Ordering in food for a while can reduce the pressure of moving and unpacking, but eventually you’ll want to make a home-cooked meal fully in your new kitchen. That way, you can make memories and experiences in your new home you can connect with.

Don’t Forget the Photos

There’s nothing like a familiar face to make you feel cozy in your new home. Photos of loved ones, friends, and family members can really bring your home to a new level of familiarity. If you’re hanging up the photos, try out some removable hooks so that you can move things around later without damaging your pristine walls.

Decorate To Your Aesthetic

An empty home isn’t welcoming to anyone—not even the person who lives there. Whether you lean towards high-end furniture or you prefer getting your home décor from thrift stores, what’s important is that your home’s style represents you. Allow yourself the freedom to experiment with your space as well; nothing needs to be set in stone.

Now that you have a few ways to make your house feel more like home, you can stop living in a place that you don’t actually enjoy. Your home should be a space of respite, not somewhere that you feel out of place. See what works best for you, and you’ll have a true home in no time.