Simply saying the words “kitchen remodel” is enough to cause purse strings to tighten and muscles to seize up. But giving your kitchen a refresh doesn’t have to be expensive or physically demanding. Here are some simple ways to update your kitchen that won’t break the bank (or your body).

Slap on a Fresh Coat of Paint

Sometimes, applying a fresh coat of paint is all that the doctor ordered to make your kitchen as good as new. Lighter colors are recommended for smaller kitchens to make them appear larger, and darker shades are typically used for bigger spaces because they can make the room feel more intimate. But you don’t have to stop (or even start) at the walls. Paints are also available for kitchen cabinets and even some appliances to help modernize their look.

Improve the Lighting

Implementing additional lighting to a room can add to the appeal of the area and improve visibility when you are cooking. A dark kitchen can make visitors and occupants alike not want to spend time in it. One easy way to improve the lighting is to replace older, inefficient light bulbs with LED bulbs that are brighter and more energy-efficient. Another great way to improve lighting is with lights that are mounted under the cabinets. These will give you all the benefits of the extra brightness while allowing the source to stay out of sight, creating a very modern look.

Update the Hardware

You can also update the hardware in your kitchen to freshen up the room. Changing out the knobs and handles on your drawers and cabinets is a simple way to revamp their look without the expense or time commitment of refurbishing or building new ones. Another way to update the kitchen is to replace your old kitchen faucet with a more modern design. You can also replace the laminate or paneling for any cabinets that have been damaged over time.

These simple ways to update your kitchen will make the room a favorite of visitors and housemates alike. They also prove that refreshing the look can be done easily on a budget.