The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted almost every U.S. industry, and workers adapted by shifting to a work-from-home model. The “temporary” measure lingers, and now home offices are accepted as a viable—and even desirable—alternative to working on-site. However, it can be hard to keep home and work separate. If you don’t want your home hijacked by office debris, you’ll need some creative and stylish storage ideas.

Whether your home office is in a separate room or has been combined with another in your home, the clutter that comes with it can permeate a house’s entire atmosphere. Working from home often involves paperwork, computer and printing equipment, office supplies, and endless cords. You need storage that is multifunctional and sophisticated enough to show off in any room.

Accent the Positive

If you haven’t treated yourself to new desk accessories in a while, you’ll be surprised at how far we’ve come from those old brown desk blotters. You can tuck away smaller bits, such as paper clips and Post-Its, in office organizers with accents that boast luxe materials like marble, agate, and bone. Or you can upgrade to larger boxes that store piles and piles of papers in style: something lacquered or even inlaid with mother of pearl.

Feet Up, Clutter Contained

If decorative accents don’t begin to cover your needs, an ottoman that opens for storage can be a stylish touch in any home. A traditional leather ottoman adds richness to your décor, and one upholstered with a muted pattern can add personality to your color scheme. Alternatives in this size range include all kinds of chic benches that can accommodate surplus office supplies. A vintage piece like an antique steamer trunk can bring to mind a more genteel era, and it can also conceal computer equipment.

Invest in a New Heirloom

Take a look around your living room to identify unmet needs. Add a bookshelf, console, or cabinet so classically beautiful you could pass it down to the next generation. If you don’t want the bulk of more furniture, you might love the flexibility of an enclosed shoe tower with sleek, modern lines, or a French country accent chest that can double as the kind of versatile table you end up using everywhere.

Whether you continue to work from home or relish the thought of escaping to a home office, creative and stylish storage ideas can keep clutter out of sight. Too many reminders of your job can infiltrate the rest of the house, even when you are off-duty. Hide the junk, forget it, and relax, because you deserve a break.