Are you struggling to utilize an empty spot in your home? Whether it’s a random, unoccupied corner in your kitchen or a completely bare room, it can be tricky to find something to do with the space.

Empty areas are the perfect opportunity to personalize your living space. Don’t let your vacant square footage go to waste; get creative and learn what to do with unused space in your home.

Create a Home Studio

Every artist needs a special place in their home to create. Whether you enjoy painting, making music, or arts and crafts, having a home studio will allow you to explore your imagination in peace.

Use your home studio to organize all of your essential supplies and keep your projects out of the way. This space could also double as a home office so you can turn your creative hobby into a lucrative side hustle.

Build a Home Gym

If you still don’t know what to do with unused space in your home, consider building a home gym. Transform your empty room or basement into a private place for you to break a sweat.

If you’re not into pumping iron, use your vacant area to create a yoga or meditation zone. This is ideal for smaller spaces that can only accommodate a yoga mat and small pieces of equipment. Regardless, dedicating space for exercise will help you stay focused and develop a healthy routine.

Extend Your Kitchen

Many people have empty space in their kitchen that they just don’t know how to use. If this sounds like you, try extending your kitchen by creating a breakfast nook.

Breakfast nooks are perfect for filling in any awkward kitchen space. Set a small table and a few comfy chairs near your kitchen window for a peaceful dining spot. You can use your breakfast nook for quick bites with family or a tranquil place to enjoy your morning coffee.

Use It for Storage

Sometimes, your unused space isn’t large enough to fit any furniture or décor. In that case, use this area for storage to help clear away any lingering clutter.

There are many small space storage ideas that perfectly blend into any interior aesthetic. Install some shelves on bare walls or push a bookcase into a corner to give all your miscellaneous items a home. You can even invest in some cute and discreet baskets to hold various items and double as décor.

Eliminate empty space by using every square foot to your advantage. You deserve to live in your dream home, so take your vacant areas and bring your vision to life!