Gifts for His Home 

Home Improvement – RAK Magnetic Pickup Tool – $29.99

This tool will allow you to easily retrieve dropped items such as nuts, bolts, and screws, as it features a strong magnetic base for hands-free use when placed on a magnetic surface. The telescoping magnetic pickup tool comes I handy for automotive repairs, home improvement, plumbing, and more!

Grilling – HELEMAN Meat Claws – $11.99

These meat claws give you perfectly shredded meat in minutes without having to burn your hands or damage cutlery. These claws are heat-resistant for durable using time and can shred, lift, and carve the meat with ease.  

Landscaping 4-Ft Raised Garden Bed – $148.99

This vertical garden bed is easy to assemble, with each hanging plastic box container being 27”, providing adequate room for your plants without wasting precious space in a small apartment, balcony, or any outside area. This bed grows a variety of herbs, seeds, flowers, succulents, or vegetables, in just a single area at home.

Exercise – BOGI Cooling Towel –  7.99

Everyone needs these cooling towels! These towels are made with 100% soft cool bamboo fiber, and its mesh structure they can evaporate faster than others. It is easy to activate the cooling towel by soaking, wringing out and snapping it for 3-5 times!