When we look to buy a new home, one of the biggest factors we consider is the square footage. Mostly, we want to get the most space we can for the price. However, once we have our space, we don’t always make the most use of every square foot.

Take the attic, for example. For many of us, it’s a little corner of the house we don’t think about too much. But by following these ways to make the most of your attic space, you can use every bit of your house to the fullest.

Improve Insulation

Most people use their attic as storage space. However, the lack of temperature control in this part of the house can limit what you can leave there. For example, things like antiques, guitars, and leatherwork may become damaged in extreme temperature shifts.

One way to maximize your use of your attic space is to add insulation. This will help reduce temperature fluctuations, especially if you don’t heat this area. And the fewer the fluctuations, the greater variety of things you can store in the space.

Plan Your Storage

Storage spaces aren’t ones that we typically think about making “presentable.” Even so, taking the time to organize a space can go a long way toward making sure you can fit as many things as possible in your attic and know where they are.

A few handy tips for organizing your attic include:

  • Taking an inventory of what’s up there
  • Creating and referencing a floor plan of the space
  • Adding shelving
  • Utilizing wall hooks or free-standing garment racks
  • Using small nooks as places to add hidden drawers or shelves

Also, as you plan your storage space, make sure you keep in mind areas of the attic that may need additional support. That way, you can plan to store heavier things away from these areas.

Turn It Into Usable Space

For those who want their attic to be more than the place to store the holiday decorations. It pays to take the steps toward converting their attic to a livable space. Having an attic room helps increase your home’s value and offers homeowners many ways to use this space. Some ways you can use your attic room are:

  • A bedroom
  • A home office
  • An art or recording studio
  • A trophy room
  • A playroom
  • A home classroom

The caveat of converting your attic is zoning. Before starting your project, ensure your attic and the stairway to get up to it are stable.