Moving to a home with a pool can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time, especially if you’ve never cared for one before. They are a lot of upkeep and a great deal of fun for everyone in the family, including family pets.

Have the Pool Inspected

Make sure the first thing you do is have the pool inspected. A pool inspector will run a complete check-up on the pool. They’ll ensure everything is in good working order and identify any damage you need to worry about, including the lining and tiling around the pool. It’s no fun to go turn on the pool heater only to find it’s not working. The pool inspector will catch this.

Pool Safety Precautions

You’ll want to ensure everyone understands the pool rules and uses the pool safely. Here are a few precautions to consider:

  • Have the children take swimming lessons
  • Install a safety fence if there isn’t one already
  • Install pool alarms—surface alarms will become triggered when water’s surface breaks. There are subsurface models; they are more expensive but also more reliable.
  • Never leave children unattended around the pool
  • Remove toys and floats from the pool immediately after use
  • Become CPR and first aid certified so you’re prepared if an accident should occur

If you have pets, make sure the pool is safe for the animals. Take time to go over the rules and safety precautions of the pool until you feel confident everyone understands them. Make a sign with the rules and place it by the pool if you need to.

Home Insurance

Make sure the pool is included on your homeowner’s insurance policy and that the pool is up to your insurance standards. Most insurance companies require a fence around the pool and other safety features.

Budget for the Pool

You’ll want to prepare yourself for the costs of a pool by setting up a pool budget. Between the toys, chemicals, and increased electricity use, the new relaxing addition to the home will cost you a bit more each month, especially during the warmer months of the year.

Understand How the Pool Works

It’s not a bad idea to talk with the previous homeowner, if possible, to understand how to maintain and care for the pool. You can also hire a professional to care for the pool, making your job a lot easier. Familiarize yourself with the winterization process if you live in an area where you’ll need to close down the pool for the winter.

Pools are such a fun addition to any home. Prepare yourself by understanding these steps to take after moving to a home with a pool.