For residential homes, adding window wells to a basement can enhance its atmosphere tenfold. Window wells allow natural light and fresh air to travel down to your basement, making it a comfortable place to relax throughout the day. However, without the right care, window wells can become an eyesore. To avoid this from happening, make sure you know how to make window wells more attractive so that you can keep your basement’s view as beautiful as possible.

Window Well Covers

If you want to bring natural light and fresh air down to your basement while preventing debris and pests from finding their way inside, then you need window well covers. A secure cover will enhance your window well’s beauty by ensuring nothing from the outside can obstruct your view from the basement. If you’re worried about a cover minimizing the amount of natural light and fresh air, don’t be.

Manufacturers design covers to protect window wells without compromising the beauty they provide to your basement. Without a cover on your window well, it can accumulate leaves, dirt, bugs, animals, and other unwanted items inside on a regular basis. In fact, there are quite a few reasons your home needs a window well cover, including improved energy efficiency and protection for children and small pets playing in the yard.

Decorative Window Well Liners

Decorative liners are a creative way to enhance the view from your basement. Instead of seeing metal every time you look out your window well, you can be looking at an open field surrounded by vibrant greenery, or a babbling brook sitting in the midst of a dense forest. These liners are easy to install and can totally transform the atmosphere that your window well provides to your basement.

Keep it Clean

Whereas the previous two points are attachments for your window well, this step requires removing something from it. As mentioned above, leaves, bugs, pests, and various forms of debris can make their way into window wells.

If you want to keep your basement view looking gorgeous, make sure to regularly clean out the window well when necessary. If you see any kind of debris build-up or critter infestation, remove it as soon as possible. Even if you have a window well cover, you should still inspect the well every so often to make sure unwanted build-up hasn’t found its way inside.

Now that you understand how to make window wells more attractive, you can prevent your windows from becoming eyesores. From durable covers to creative liners, there are various ways to make your basement view look unique and gorgeous. While many homeowners might simply use basements for storage, they can be so much more than that with the right care, knowledge, and effort.