For true foodies, there is nothing more exciting than trying out a new restaurant, especially in a beautiful, fun location! Visiting a new restaurant gives you the opportunity to visit a new place that you have not been before. It also gives you the chance to be introduced to some unique dishes and drinks that you have never tried. And what is better than trying out a new place that you know is “foodie accredited?” This week, we’re featuring some of “Britt’s Best Bites’” favorite coastal locations that are an absolute must to add to your restaurant bucket list. If you are in any of the following areas, be sure to give these restaurants a try (you won’t regret it!):


South Shore: Stockholders Steakhouse in Weymouth, MA

Stockholders Steakhouse selects only premium cuts from their small, family-run butcher, sourcing top notch products from a father/son duo who know their specifications to ensure that you are only getting the best!


Cape Cod & Islands: Crisp in Osterville, MA

Crisp serves brunch, lunch, and dinner, in addition to having a great, unique drink menu. They are best known for their flatbreads. In fact, they use use hand-crafted dough using organic flour, filtered water, and cape cod sea salt for a crisp cut, chewy center, and unique artisan flavor.


South Coast: Johnny Macaroni’s in East Bridgewater, MA

Johnny Macaroni’s has been serving authentic dishes and delicious desserts for generations. Some of their classics include the Chicken Buffredo, Chicken Ziti Broccoli, Parmigiana, Viva Marco, Marsala, and so much more! There is truly something for everyone at Johnny Macaroni’s.


West Bay & South County: Pot au Feu in Providence, RI

This cozy bistro is the oldest French Bistro in America. It kicked off the Providence Restaurant Renaissance being the first to offer something other than “steak, spaghetti, and chow mien.” They have a casual and elegant ambiance and have a great mix of French and comfort food!


East Bay & Aquidneck Island: Zelda’s in Newport, RI

Prepared by Chef Eric King, Zelda’s caters a seasonal menu to keep your tastebuds satisfied. They have a wide selection of fine dishes made of the highest quality ingredients. Zelda’s also offers Sunday brunch with everything from fresh farm eggs, zesty salads, juicy burgers, and specialty cocktails.