Pristine blankets of snow and the crackle of the fireplace can certainly capture a sense of luxury. Still, it’s hard to deny that island life just does winter better. Here are four reasons why you should visit Barbados this winter!

Warm Up With Rum in the Sun

When you head to Barbados this winter, you’ll have just missed the iconic Food and Rum festival but worry not. If the comfortable climate isn’t enough to help you shake off the snow from home, the drinks surely will! Barbados is home to plenty of diners and bars lining the coast. They have fantastic drinks with an even more incredible view.

Snorkel Through the Season

There’s plenty to love about frozen lakes and snowy mornings, but who can ignore the allure of a winter snorkeling adventure? The crystal-clear waters off Barbados’ Platinum Coast come with a palm tree-laden backdrop and discoveries underwater at every turn. Visit near the end of the winter season and you may even spend time in the water with leatherback sea turtles!

Forget the Ham and Turkey This Year

If you’re bored of the season’s usual ham and turkey dinners, box stuffing, and mysteriously jiggly canned cranberries, Barbados has you covered. Coastal towns of Barbados host unforgettable dining experiences. They go all out to satisfy the eyes and the stomach after a long day on the beach. From town-wide fish fries to uniquely Bajan eateries, the island’s cuisine is sure to impress.

It’s Island Life Any Time of Year

The biggest reason why you should visit Barbados this winter is that no matter what month you go, the casual, fun-loving island life is waiting for you. December is a fantastic time for group visits to have the perfect resort vacation, while January and February offer more intimate experiences away from the crowds. The climate remains in the low 80s year-round. The artists, musicians, and genius chefs bring life to the island every day.

The only downside to visiting in the winter is that most of the island’s incredible holidays and festivals happen in the fall. That said, you’ll still find plenty of festivities and holiday cheer around the end of December! Major towns like Bridgetown light up with trees, carolers, and holiday shopping. If you want to enjoy the season in the sun, Barbados is perfect for you.