Each room in your home deserves its own chance to shine. Nevertheless, some spaces simply fall flat in comparison to others. And what’s the top interior designers’ ultimate secret weapon to fix this issue? Contrast! High contrast is key for curating high-end living spaces that memorably leave an impact on the beholder.

Curious about how to pull off this harmonious trend in your abode? Let’s examine this design principle to illustrate how opposites can attract. Here are luxe interior design tips: how to decorate with high contrast.

Yin and Yang: Coordinate Textures and Materials

The spark existing between opposites isn’t random. Rather, the dynamism has a lot to do with harmony. Balance is of the essence for designing beautiful living spaces, and your choice of textures and materials is no exception. Consider melodiously mixing and matching wood tones or incorporating décor pieces that appear distinctively diverse from another. This thoughtful application of contrast creates a sought-after yin-yang feeling to make your space look comprehensively cohesive.

Don’t overlook the power of coordinating differing textures to complement each other. The key is to stick to your design concept when implementing high-contrast décor. To create a space that feels perfectly in harmony, focus on balancing masculine vs. feminine, elegant vs. everyday, rough vs. refined, or bold vs. soft design.

Juxtapose Colors: Pair Light and Dark Together

One straightforward interior design tip for adding depth and dimension is to turn to color theory. Cohesive contrast is achievable through diversity within a room’s color palette. Juxtaposing light-value and dark-value colors is how to decorate with high contrast in your interiors. If stark contrast is too daunting, the timeless combination of black and white is a safe place to start.

If you’d rather take the perspective edge off a bit, consider how to incorporate warm elements. A touch of warmth with soft lighting, metal finishes, or accent hues can create an additional level of depth and truly transforms the space. Rich layers add a luxurious feel to classic black and white color schemes.

Play Up Patterns or Shapes: Add Accents for Intrigue

Last but not least, a top technique for curating high-contrast living spaces is to bring your home’s style together with varying aspects of visual weight. Keep in mind that the components of your design should be able to draw in the eye more easily. For this reason, pick out accent pieces that embody interesting patterns, shapes, forms, or motifs.

The main objective of contradiction as a design principle is to complement the ambiance of a room. Knowing how to use contrast correctly makes all the difference in making your home’s style goals a vivid success.