All-white kitchens are clean and sophisticated—and boring. It’s time to up your kitchen décor with unique kitchen cabinet color combinations that will make your cabinetry and kitchen stand out. Consider these combinations, pick out your paint, and hire a professional cabinet painter to transform your dull kitchen completely.

Blue and White

Blue-and-white is a classic and clean color combination to add to your kitchen. Using a dark shade of blue such as navy or cobalt will add a pop of color with deep contrast when accompanied by white details and décor.

Wood and Black

Are you looking for an earthier, more rustic feel in your kitchen? If so, wood and black color combinations are the right choices for you. Resurfacing wood cabinetry with a new stain and painting accents such as window frames black will provide an elegant yet rustic feel. Be careful not to use too dark of a cabinet stain, as dark wood and black may make your kitchen too dark.

Green and White

In tandem with a bright white, deep sage green is another excellent earthy option for your kitchen. Paint cabinetry a sage or deep green color with bright white accents and countertops.

Cream and Gray

If an all-white kitchen is too bland but a bright pop of color is too adventurous, use other neutral tones such as creams and greys. These two colors complement one another well without being too overbearing or too dull.

Pale Gray and Blue-Green

Using a pale gray shade with a soft blue-green is the perfect way to add a hint of color to your kitchen while retaining some flexibility for decorating. Like cream and gray, these colors are welcoming and inviting without being overbearing.

Finding ways to upgrade your kitchen with timeless color combinations can be a challenge. Consider using one of these five unique kitchen cabinet color combinations to revamp your kitchen.