How to Make your Home Look and Feel Like you’re Beachfront Living 


White Linens

White Linens

Not only do white linens give off a luxurious, beachy, hotel-like, vibe but they also promote calmness and relaxation in the bedroom. Changing out your linens for all white will it make every room in your home feel less cluttered and go with everything. You will be able to easily add colored throws and pillows. Not to mention if the room is lacking natural lighting white bedding can transform how bright a room feels. Doing so will make the soft white tones evoke a clean, fresh aesthetic of natural light and breeze as if you’re at the beach. 


Coastal Patio

Coastal Inspired Porch 

Wicker furniture in bright whites or natural hues is a summertime staple. Not to mention adding pillows with ocean blues will make these furnishings pop. A hammock is another essential piece to make your porch a coastal oasis. Due to their natural swaying motion, hammocks will help you relax feeling luxurious and content. Furthermore, a rug will help tie all these pieces together. Adding in a colorful rug will help disguise any sand your guest may carry in. 


Coastal Living Room

Attention To Detail

Ocean blues will play a big role in your transformation, as they reflect the colors of the sea, bringing the calm ocean waters inside. Colors such as navy and indigo complement the colors of teal and aqua. Therefore painting and decorating your furnishings or built-in shelves with a variety of blues will make any room pop without going overboard. Although you can get a waterside to feel without painting your walls. Accessories such as glass floats, sea glass, wicker baskets, or big seashells will give off the perfect waterside feel. If you’re not interested in using blues throughout your home, natural wood accents will create the contrast you’re looking for. Natural wood detail such as rustic ceiling beams will create visual interest. 


bedroom with stripes

Nautical Bedrooms

The key to making your bedroom look and feel like a coastal paradise is to keep the design natural. You can do this by incorporating as many natural items as possible such as a jute rug, as it makes for a subtitle accent. Not to mention stripes are another staple when creating a nautical design. You can add stripes through accent walls, small furniture pieces, or even rugs. When designing your room, make enough room in your bedroom for a nook! Nooks promote the ultimate relaxed beachy vibe you’re looking for.