If you have a home on the coast, are looking to purchase one or are looking to design your home with a coastal theme for that beachy look and feel, you have come to the right place. We have pulled together some of our favorite themes and items that you can incorporate into your décor to give you beachy vibes – whether you are by the beach or within a city! Check out some of our favorite items and designs here for some inspiration: 


  • Wicker furniture and décor. Anything wicker and we are sold! When it comes to wicker, you can find many different types of items including chairs, tables, baskets, lamps and other types of décor! Wicker gives off a great beachy, coastal look and is totally timeless. 
  • Sea coral. Purchasing some sea coral for accents around the house is a great way to tie in a beachy/ocean look. You can buy sea coral for tables and bed stands, for your mantel or even for your bookshelves! 
  • Nautical maps. Find some nautical maps of your favorite coastal areas and frame them around your home. This is a great way to incorporate a personal touch based on your own experiences, passions and interests and still go along with the coastal theme. 
  • Designed headboards. If your bedrooms are more on the neutral side, look into some different beachy designed headboards to put up. The headboards could be ocean themed, have a palm tree look or even just designed with oceanic blues and whites! 
  • Ropes and shells. Whether they are on tables or hung on the wall, finding some décor that incorporates ropes and shells is a great look and feel to include. Look for picture frames that are designed with rope, or pieces of art that incorporate shells. Décor including ropes and shells can be used in any room within the house – especially a living or family room!