Whether you are lucky enough to live on the coast, have a vacation home on the coast, or if you are planning to visit a coastal area for a getaway, there are a lot of ways that you can work to stay healthy even if you are not near a gym. With all the delicious food and cocktails that you can find in coastal areas, it is important to keep up your physical health. We have pulled together some of our favorite beach work outs that you can incorporate into your daily routine or vacation before indulging in the food and drink! Check them out here: 


  • Running. One of the most common and important exercises is simply to just run! Running on a beach, especially, can be great for every muscle in your body and can provide you with an extra challenge. 
  • Beach crawl. This exercise will work your hamstrings and glutes wonderfully. Get in a planking position and crawl forward on your hands on the sand. 
  • Skipping. It may sound funny but skipping through the sand is a great workout for you! Be sure to lunge your body up with every skip to add some extra high-intensity to the movements. 
  • Push-ups. Work your arms and shoulders with some good, old-fashioned push-ups, which are easy to do on the beach. You can incorporate different types of push-ups as well – for example, triceps push-ups are a great exercise to try out.
  • Sand and water lunges. Starting at the top of the beach, lunge straight into the ocean, getting all the way up to your hips (water level) and back up to the beach. This is a great exercise for your legs and your glutes! 
  • Swim in the ocean. Another classic way to work out while at the beach is to simply swim in the ocean! Swim a few laps, or even tread water to get your blood flowing and muscles working.