For many people, their work has shifted from the office into their home. There are signs that this trend could continue for quite some time, with many positions staying remote permanently. Now is a great time to reassess the layout of your home office, clear out the junk piles, transform your sparse setup, and have your space reflect your style and sophistication. If you’re wondering where to start, here are some tips on how to make your home office look elegant.

Invest in Your Desk

Your desk is the centerpiece of your office. Give yourself as much room to work with and choose the largest desk that will reasonably fit in the room. Having very little room to maneuver can add to your stress levels, so having enough space to accommodate clutter accumulated throughout the day is a must. Don’t be afraid to splurge on luxury when it comes to desks, as a high-quality one will last you years and beyond.

Change Up the Lighting

Your lighting will set the ambiance for your space. Great lighting also eases strain on the eyes and reduces stress and headaches. Adding the right modern fixtures and trendy lamps can create a luxurious atmosphere without changing any other aspects of the room. Try to balance the room with a personal task light to illuminate your desk with auxiliary lighting that adds to the atmosphere.

Design Around a Theme

You can let your personality shine through the accessories you choose to dot the walls or hang above. For example, if you love baseball and have plenty of historical memorabilia, display it around the room. The key is to use luxurious display cases, frames, and other means to show off your prized items. Whatever you feel passionate about, let that dictate the décor, which has the added benefit of making you more comfortable and motivated when you walk into your space. When you bring other people into your home office, these items also act as springboards for conversation starters.

Back Wall

First impressions are everything. Your background on teleconferences will often be the one small window into your personality that others will see of you. Let your background dictate your strengths and design around concepts that send a message to others about how serious and professional you are. Choose one art piece like a grand bronze statue or an extravagant painting hanging above you. Try to avoid clutter as best you can, especially in any areas visible on camera. Remember, you want to exude confidence and taste to clients, partners, and employees.

Designing a more luxurious home office is an investment that can pay off by motivating you and impressing the people who walk inside. Let your office be a point of pride and boost your confidence when you start the workday at home.