Bold, colorful, and chunky jewelry is officially in style, which means finding new statement pieces to pair with outfits is essential. Styling statement pieces can often be a challenge, though. You want to find jewelry that pulls together the themes and colors of your look without distracting attention from your personality. To learn more about the best tips for wearing statement jewelry, continue reading our guide.

Selecting the Size of Statement Jewelry

When you’re searching for the perfect statement accessory, the first element to consider is size. The size of a statement piece is different for everyone and depends on a person’s style preferences and comfort level. Whether you prefer jewelry that covers your entire chest or you opt for a slimmer gold chain, the size of your statement piece should be cohesive with your entire outfit.

If you wear baggier clothing, try a larger statement piece to balance your outfit’s proportions. Similarly, if you wear tighter clothing, selecting smaller statement necklaces will look the most complementary.

Choose Complementary Colors

If you prefer to keep your jewelry small, finding a statement piece with vibrant colors will also complement your style. However, it’s important to choose colors that do not overwhelm or clash with the natural palettes in your clothing.

First, assess the colors present in your outfit, then examine if there are any subtle undertones in the fabric. For example, if your shirt is black, explore the details of the material to see if there are any traces of blue, purple, or gray. If you find subtle threads of a specific color, choose a statement piece that matches its shade.

Even if there are no other colors in your clothing to embellish, consider whether you are wearing a warm or cool color palette. Once you’ve identified the tone of your clothing colors, you can choose a statement piece that highlights the natural complementary colors of these shades.

Don’t Overwhelm With Shapes

Chunky jewelry is officially a popular trend, which means this is the perfect fashion season for lovers of statement pieces with creative shapes. There are endless options for the different types of jewelry anyone can wear. Since statement necklaces are meant to be bold, there are few limitations on the shapes you can choose for your jewelry.

However, the shapes you wear should not distract from your entire outfit. If you do not consider how your jewelry will pair with your clothing, you risk wearing an overwhelming or busy outfit. Instead, consider what figures are naturally present in your clothing and wear statement pieces that complement these styles. For example, wearing triangle statement necklaces naturally complements the triangular flair of A-line dresses. The purpose of statement jewelry is to play with bold and fun shapes. However, don’t overwhelm your style by forgetting to consider your clothing.

Statement jewelry pieces are fun and adventurous accessories that are meant to embellish your style and personality. Review these tips for wearing statement jewelry so you can continue exploring your style without overcomplicating your outfits.