Luxury Picnic 

As it is getting warmer, enjoying the beautiful weather outside is a must! What is more perfect than a luxury picnic? Whether you’re looking to create your own, or book a luxury picnic online, there is nothing better than getting together with friends and family to enjoy an excellent meal under the sun! 

When creating a luxury picnic of your own, follow these tips and tricks to make sure the food stays intact from your kitchen to the picnic spot while surrounding yourself in an atmosphere designed to impress. 


Picking the Perfect Blanket 

When planning a luxury picnic choose a blanket that provides comfort and style, although beware of stains! Pack a blanket that is also machine washable just in case there are spills.

Pack Comfy Stylish Pillows

Bring pillows to create a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere while staying comfortable. Not to mention, if you incorporate a variety of styled pillows, all within the same color pallet, it will make the scene for photos you’ll never forget. 

How To Transport Food

What is a picnic without a wicker basket? Not only are they charming but secure and can hold every item you need. Not to mention, if you are looking for spill-proof containers, pack your food in mason jars as they are easily transportable and decorative. Additionally, if you’re looking to get creative with recipes in an ascetic way, store non-bake desserts in a mason jar for adaptable deliciousness.

Pack a Small Table 

To create a luxury picnic you will need a flat place to rest the food, plates candles, and flowers! A small table will do just the trick with the perfect table cloth as it will make for a wonderful place setting to laugh with friends! 

Luxury Decorations

Decorations are what will make the difference between pretty good to perfection. When decorating make sure to incorporate a styled tablescape with plates, cutlery, drinkware, candles, linens, florals, and a creatively designed charcuterie board. Doing so will turn your picnic into the ultimate venue.