During winter, snowfall builds up on rooftops, which might sound par for the course. Unfortunately, that snow isn’t as harmless as it looks. When heat builds up in the attic, that warmth can reach the roof, which will melt the snow up top. After that snow starts melting, the water will run down your roof, reach your gutters, and freeze due to the cold outdoor temperatures. The result is widely known as an ice dam. To keep such annoying obstructions from causing substantial damage, read these helpful tips for preventing ice dams at home.

Ventilation Is the Answer

As mentioned above, heat buildup in the attic is the big culprit behind ice dams. So, optimizing attic ventilation is essential for preventing snow on your roof from melting in the first place. Optimizing smooth, unobstructed airflow in the attic will keep the upper area of your home consistently cool. If you don’t have sufficient ventilation, reach out to a professional and find a suitable solution as soon as possible.

Insulation Helps Too

We’re not done with the attic quite yet. Sufficient insulation is crucial to fully optimize the upper part of your house for combating ice dams. For the best results, insulate any area where the heat coming from lower floors can affect the attic’s temperature. Specifically, prioritize the attic floor, entryway, and even the walls. It’ll take some time, but it’ll also keep your attic at the proper temperature.

Mind Your Gutters

Another step worth taking to prevent ice dams is to keep your gutters clean. By periodically removing any debris, such as twigs and leaves, you can increase the chance of melting snow swiftly exiting through the downspout from your gutters. At the end of the day, the outdoor temperatures will create the ice dams, so this isn’t a guaranteed method for avoiding ice dam formation. However, it’s a simple preventative measure that can help melting water escape before outdoor temperatures strike.

These tips for preventing ice dams at home can help you minimize the chances of encountering this frustrating occurrence. If you want a long-term defense against ice dams, consider investing in a high-quality metal roof. There’re key ways metal roofs combat extreme weather, including snowfall during winter.  Whichever methods you choose, start optimizing your home for ice dam prevention today.