Gifts for His Home 

home how to

Home Improvement – Big Book of Home How-To by Better Homes & Gardens – $52.54

This is the largest DIY home improvement book that is on the market. This book has an innovative layout that can appeal to consumers of all skill levels, allowing them to check out step-by-step projects as well as specific techniques on how to improve various areas of their home. Whether the project is small or complex, it can be found in this how-to book!

salt block

Grilling – UMAID Natural Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate – $34.99

For cooking, grilling, cutting, and serving, this food-grade Himalayan salt block along with the stainless-steel tray set is not only gorgeous but will also enhance your food! This is a great way to add some extra salty sizzling flavor to anything that you’re grilling and is also a great way to present your food, especially if it is cold.

garden stool

Landscaping – Foldable Garden Stool Kneeler with Two Tool Pouches – $69.99

This stool kneeler is totally multi-functional and has a wide variety of different uses. It’s great for planting flowers, training your bonsai trees, and so much more. It is adult-size for people of all sizes and is lightweight and portable, so you can bring it anywhere you need. This stool kneeler also has cushions for a comfortable feel.

agility ladder

Exercise – Scandinavian Sports Agility Ladder – $17.95

This is a great piece of equipment for at-home workouts. It is ideal for anyone who is looking for improving their speed, endurance, reactive speed, balance, footwork skills, and overall coordination. It is high quality and has 12 individual rungs that are adjustable for different skill sets and exercises.