When it comes to having guests over, it’s crucial that you, as the host, ensure that they have everything they need. From extra sheets and pillows for overnight visitors to extra food at mealtimes, the proper preparation will make the visit go as smoothly as possible. But arguably, the most important thing to consider in your preparations is the guest bathroom and the utilities your guests might need while they use it. Use these tips for creating the perfect guest bathroom to make the room will meet everyone’s needs.

Update Your Tile

Your guests will be walking in and out of this bathroom throughout their entire stay, so the last thing you want is to be embarrassed by how it looks. Tile surfaces are often the first thing to go out of style, and this can make your bathroom appear much older than it actually is. As such, take some time to switch out your tile for something more modern—it can do wonders for its look. This could also give you an opportunity to try out a new color palette and texture.

Switch up the Lighting

You should also pay special attention to the lighting in this space. Proper lighting will establish the relaxing atmosphere you want while providing enough illumination for your guests to perform all their hygiene rituals. Still, choosing the proper bathroom lighting for your specific layout might not be as easy as you think, so a bit of research into what you’re looking for and what would be the most functional.

Make It Comfortable

Bathrooms, specifically guest bathrooms, act as a form of sanctuary where individuals can retreat to take care of their business. Because of this, you want to at least ensure that they’re comfortable in that space. Give the room some life using color, décor, and even a few fragrances. It’s common for homeowners to set up air fresheners in these spaces and add a few plants to create an earthy, tranquil feel.

Stock It With Essentials

But the most vital aspect of creating the perfect guest bathroom is the stock of essentials you keep in it. Though guests, especially overnight guests, typically bring their own products to use during their stay, it doesn’t hurt to have some extras available. Whether it be extra towels, toilet paper, hand soap, or lotion, there’s no telling what your visitors might need. As such, it’s best to maintain a steady supply of these items, just in case.